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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services in Toronto

According tothe Institute of Technology study, 85% of the traffic that visits a site comes from the search engines, on average. In addition to this, 75% of the searchers never look past the first page. This means that ranking high in the search engines is absolutely vital when it comes to running a successful business online.

seo_iconDigitalThink is heavily involved in the business of helping websites earn money. Their primary focus is to increase the number of people who make it to your site by increasing your ranking in the search engine results. With a dedicated team of search engine specialists, they can work together closely with you in order to meet your online marketing goals. We offer search engine optimization for businesses in Toronto and around the globe that want to reach new customer markets and earn profits.

The highly experienced search engine optimization experts at DigitalThink understand how to enrich your site in a way that is friendly to the search engines, placing you near the top of the search results for keywords related to your business. By working together with us, you will find that your site routinely, and permanently, ranks on the first page of the search engines. We have many years of SEO experience and we are the top choice of businesses looking for SEO in Toronto.

Using Keyword Research and Link Popularity to Climb the Search Engine Ladder

Websites designed and developed by DigitalThink are optimized for keyword phrases that are related to the success of your business. These keywords are chosen after diligent research. They will discuss the matter heavily with you in order to ensure that the keywords make sense for your purposes. They will then promote your site by getting you listed on other pages.

Why? It comes down to the way that the search engines operate. All major search engines analyze links in order to determine how reputable a site is. This is because, while it’s easy to manipulate the content on their own site, it’s either impossible or extremely difficult for a Webmaster to “fake” a link from another site. Link analysis makes it simple for the search engines to identify which sites have a good reputation in which social circles. If trusted sites are linking to your site, especially if they are related to your industry, this will drastically improve your search engine rankings.

By obtaining links from outside sources, you can improve your listing in the search engines. It’s important to understand that link analysis is not all about “popularity,” however. A large number of links is certainly helpful, but a relatively smaller number of links from good websites which are closely related to the topic of your site is much more effective. Not only will this improve your ranking in the search engine, but it will pull traffic from their sites as well.

The Search Engine Optimization Strategy:

  • Undergo extensive keyword research
  • Analyze competitor’s sites
  • Optimize the content on your site
  • Add keywords and meta tags to your site
  • Use advanced on site optimization techniques like internal linking and image tags
  • Submit the site to the search engines
  • Obtain links from external sources
  • Generate comprehensive reports on search engine rankings every month
  • Submit new information to the search engines every month

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