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Web Design

In the new economy, the future of a business will be determined by the image that it portrays to the public in the online arena. Today’s customers expect a website to be highly professional, both in appearance and functionality. This is true regardless of the size of a business.

No matter how big your company or what your customer base consists of, it is becoming more and more important to offer a website that fully communicates your message to your customers. Since a website is often the first impression that a customer or potential business partner will come across, it is important to start right off the bat with professionalism. This makes website design an important part of business growth.


DigitalThink is a company that understands how to create that website. Understanding that businesses can grow in size quite rapidly on the net, they are fully prepared to deal with changes in the scale of your business.

DigitalThink is a web agency that focuses on assisting businesses of all sizes. Through our business web design efforts, we have discovered a field-tested strategy for growth that has been beneficial for a large number of customers throughout the globe. The business web design capabilities offered by DigitalThink have driven many clients toward levels of success that they only dreamed were possible.

As a business ourselves we are well aware of the fact that a business’s budget is an important constraint. A properly designed and implemented affordable website can help a business move past those constraints. DigitalThink understands how to work with the budget available by a company in order to implement the most cost effective strategy for growth, taking into account the logistics of business, the surrounding environment, and the behavior of the market.

The web design process is centered on several principles. The nature of the business must be understood. From there, market research can be conducted to identify what customers are looking for and what competitors’ capabilities consist of. A brand identity must be identified and developed in concert with an understanding of the types of services offered. The experience that customers will expect from the website are then laid down, goals are defined for the short and medium term, and strategic goals are then implemented.

Using these principles, DigitalThink understands how to provide its clients with fully customized, business oriented websites that are perfectly suited to their unique requirements. DigitalThink views their clients as partners rather than jobs, and aims to build a long lasting business relationship with them for mutual benefit.

With an understanding of what has come to be called “Web 2.0″ or the social web, DigitalThink has the experience to promote sites whether they are marketed toward consumers or businesses. Start up and e-Commerce sites can also benefit from our web-based solutions.

The primary goal of DigitalThink is to provide businesses with improved visibility on the web; increased efficiency whether internally or externally, cost reduction, a better return on investment (ROI), and better customer satisfaction.

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