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Responsive Design

What is a responsive design?

Responsive Web Design is a design & development practice that allows businesses to have a website that looks great across a wide array of screen sizes and resolutions. Think of it like water – it displaces to take up just the right amount of room, regardless of what size of container it is put in.

Mobile. It’s not later, it’s now.

We have passed the tipping point. Consumers have adopted mobile devices as their “go-to” tool for finding information about your company. There are more mobile subscriptions in North America than there are traditional desktop computers, and the gap is widening. The best long-term, cost-effective, web-strategy to pursue that can help you reach your mobile customers is a responsive website.

Why is mobile important?

The world is changing, and the way we search for information is changing with it. More of us make first impressions with a brand online with our mobile devices than ever before. 60% of consumers say they will not recommend a website that has a bad mobile experience, and 40% say they will leave a website that has a bad mobile experience and look for a competitor. The Internet, along with the ways to capitalize it are changing every day.

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