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Content Management System

Online content has become a fundamental marketing tool. As a result, it is created at such a furious pace that a rigorous strategy must be developed to effectively manage it. A Content Management System (CMS) is a combination of website maintenance and document management systems. It can be used to create, relocate, change, and delete content from various locations. An efficient CMS must be both dynamic and systematic in order to scale properly.


CMS TorontoA good CMS is completely database driven. Content about news, products, and services can be instantly added, updated, and managed. Content can be easily categorized, and the layout can be fully customized with menus and other additions. You should be able to upload images from any location and added anywhere on the site. For interactivity and feedback, forums, polls, and votes should be easily set up and incorporated with the content. It should be simple to add all forms of multimedia naturally into the layout of the site.

Different access levels should be available for administrators, authors, and so on. When any changes are made to the site content, administrators should be automatically notified. If documents are edited, the previous versions should still be accessible by the administration. A central archive should also be created for managers to easily search through. Content creators should be able to easily format their documents without a keen understanding of programming languages.


Administrators should be able to easily reorganize the site by changing the location of news, FAQs, and so forth. A random newsflash generator keeps you up to date. Content can be submitted from any location. The information should be organized into an easy to understand hierarchy. A massive image library should be available, with the CMS capable of automatically linking the image. News feed manager allows you to place relevant information on your site.

The content should be easily managed with a text editor not unlike a word processor. The look and the feel of the site should be just as easily edited. It should be simple to add polls and surveys, with different ones available on different pages of the site. Specific pages should be customizable from the standard page format. Banner ads should be easily managed and implemented. Finally, you should be able to view a page before it is put up on the site.


Users demand a steady flow of content from a site in order to keep coming back. In order to regularly update a site, a CMS must be available to avoid reprogramming the site with every update. A content driven site should be easy enough to update that the process only takes a few minutes. It becomes especially important when the site is being constantly updated and used by a very large number of content creators. In order to maintain consistency, as well as confidentiality, a CMS is an absolute necessity.

In addition, a CMS drastically reduces the maintenance costs of a site by separating the programming from the content itself. Content can also be managed much more effectively. If a global team runs the site, content management becomes indispensable.


DigitalThink understands that every project is different, and is not interested in creating universal solutions to specialized problems. They have the expertise to create content-driven interfaces that are flexible and scalable. They can give you centralized editing tools, allow people to generate content without dealing with the technical aspects of web design, and let multiple people create and edit content for the site at the same time.

In addition, DigitalThink can provide you with an interface to include all forms of multimedia, view previous versions of documents, easily archive content, and assign different levels of access to different site contributors.

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